Howdy !!!
Thank you for visiting the Hillbilly.  

The Hillbilly started her business with a Hot Dog cart in February of 2011.  Always likin' the idea of owning her own business some day, and discussin' it with her goat and Chickens, 

they decided that since they all love Hot Dogs, she should sell them from a Hot Dog cart. ( I think there was some moonshine involved with that decision) 

                                                           Frank, the donkey only likes the moonshine,                                                                     he could care less about our adventure.    

                     We have now relocated and moved the Hot Dog         business inside. Come visit us in DAYTON NV. Located inside the "East 50 Bar" at 6008 Hwy 50 East
Dayton Nv. 89403 

Hours for feedin' time:
11am-7pm  Wed. Thur. Fri. Sat.
11am-3pm  Sun.
Closed Mon.& Tue. (Fer now)